Q. How are you currently processing your payroll?

Many of our clients have found that we can handle their payroll needs far less expensively than they can do it themselves, especially when you consider the cost of buying checks, employing knowledgeable payroll staff, and obtaining annual software updates needed to keep current on changing tax laws and rates.

Many accountants recommend payroll services for their clients.

  • Accountants have limited reporting capabilities
  • Accountants outsource to companies like us and upcharge
  • Not an accountant’s core business

Payroll Service
We usually save our clients 15% – 30% compared to other payroll companies. We also offer differnt levels of service offerings allowing you to choose what fits your business needs.

Q. Isn’t my company too small to use Corporate Payroll Services?

A. Not at all! We specialize in small to medium sized businesses. No company is too small. We understand that even small new companies need a reliable payroll service to handle the payroll and taxes so the client can focus on their core business.

Q. How does your tax service work?

A. We electronically debit your bank account for all payroll taxes on the payroll date and deposit them into a bonded and insured tax trust account. Then, when the tax becomes due, we send payments and returns to the respective taxing authorities. We eliminate your worries about tax deposit and return filing deadlines.

Q. What are my tax obligations as an employer if I do not use your services?

A. There are several types of payroll taxes that an employer must remit to various taxing authorities.

Federal 941 taxes, which include Federal withholding, employer/employee Social Security, and employer/employee Medicare, are remitted to the Internal Revenue Service. Since January 1, 1999, most of these payments must be made via electronic funds transfer.

Federal 940 taxes (Federal unemployment). For many companies, these taxes also must be remitted via electronic funds transfer since January 1, 1999.

State and local income taxes. Some states allow for local income tax, in addition to state income tax.
State unemployment taxes and other related taxes. All states collect unemployment tax, and some states collect other related taxes, such as disability. Wages subject to unemployment tax vary from state to state.

With so many taxes and forms to track, we believe that you will find our prices to be very cost effective.


“We could not be happier with the service that we receive from the payroll staff at Fortis Employee Solutions. Everyone is always friendly, professional and more than willing to help. After working with several different payroll companies over the years, Fortis Employee Solutions stands out above the rest in their efforts to make my job as easy as possible. Our contact is always available to take our calls, and on the rare occasion that we have to leave a message, she always returns the call within the hour. It has truly been a fantastic experience Fortis Employee Solutions on our payroll; it has never been easier or more pleasant!”

Ajay PatelOwner of 5 Holiday Inns

“Fortis Employee Solutions is a wonderful company. When you call, a “REAL PERSON” answers the phone. That is very rare these days! Everyone at Fortis Employee Solutions is courteous, very helpful and questions are answered promptly. You know what your payroll will be before it is sent over, not like other companies where you have to wait to get a pre-processed report. Payroll is processed promptly and delivered on time.”

Jennifer LeibHR Director, Meadowbrook Urgent Care

“We have worked with the team at Fortis for over 3 years now. I can’t tell you how happy we are with their services and responsiveness. Not to mention I can call Amanda or Claudia at the office or on their cell phones when I need anything. The online services have been very helpful in ensuring that our payroll is accurate and on time each and every time, this makes life much easier.”

Rajeev Shah Jiten Hotel Management (20 Properties)
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